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Youth Group - NexGen

1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Our Youth Group offers a positive environment for young people to grow in their faith and build lasting friendships. We center our studies around the Bible and its teachings, and make sure that there is always plenty of food and fun games to keep things engaging. Join us and experience what it means to be real and apply biblical principles to real-life situations.

Girl Bobbing for Apples
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cradle to college


To see a generation passionate about following Jesus, being transformed by Jesus, and on mission for Jesus.

Foursquare NextGen exists to contend for, champion, and celebrate more and growing NextGen students and leaders together on mission.


We commit to actively defending and affirming the value of the next generation of students and leaders.


We commit to actively fighting for the cause of seeing more NextGen Students and leaders together on mission.



We commit to actively acknowledging the development and achievements of NextGen students and leaders, both publicly and privately.

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