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We see a Church that elevates the value of God’s word, the Bible, by objectively discovering and engaging its context in a transparent, loving environment.


  • We see a Church that is experiencing God given freedom and the people are living out their faith with commitment, fire, and contagious enthusiasm.


  • We see a Church where the people of God genuinely develop greater degrees of empowerment, as they are equipped, supported, motivated and mentored.


  • We see a Church where the leadership is dedicated to helping each member identify their gifts and integrate them into ministries that match their God given strengths.


  • We see a Church that is as committed to the “Word of God” as it is to being “filled with” and “led by” the Spirit of God.  A church that is Christ-centered, not “pastor-centered” but full of people who love Jesus, willing to follow Jesus, and reach others for Jesus.


  • We see a Church where the people attend Worship because it is encouraging, exciting, and enjoyable and not out of mere “Christian Duty”


  • We see a Church that develops a system of small groups where individuals can find intimate community, practical help, intensive spiritual interaction, and restoration back to God’s original purpose for their lives.


  • Imagine a Church where each person, regardless of their life stage, will fall in love with the Lord God and with everyday people. 


                                                 Imagine the 


Image by Aaron Burden
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